Oh, what a mess we’re all in! For so many people life has been completely turned upside down in the last month. There are lots of words and phrases being overused out there: ‘unprecedented’, ‘unique… View Full Post

Another year at its end and I’m staring at the books I read throughout the year, trying to pick my favourites. I always find it interesting to look back over the year, seeing the books… View Full Post

At the beginning of this year, I was still living at home — things were relatively stable for me, I worked in a local office, I had my usual ministry at church, I was seeing… View Full Post

Ask any woman and it’s pretty likely she’ll tell you that she has a problem with saying ‘sorry’. The problem is that we’re saying it too much! I don’t want to rehash this, because the… View Full Post

I roll my eyes at earnest community members waxing lyrical about their favourite local spots closing down or being turned into new apartments just as much as the next person, trust me, but today, my… View Full Post