Personality, schmersonality

Personality, schmersonality

I love a good quiz; believe me when I say I do about five Buzzfeed quizzes a day – I love them. I obviously hold very little stock in them, I just like finding out what kind of potato I am or which Disney Princess I am. It’s scientific, I’m sure.

Personality tests (or quizzes as I like to think of them) are a whole other ball game. I rate them a little higher than a Buzzfeed quiz with a lot more legitimacy than a horoscope and a lot less than an in-depth psycho-analysis from a professional. I find I’m always torn between “Um, how can you know everything about my life?” and “Shut up, you don’t know me.”


So, I decided to take a few of these tests all on the same day to see where they placed me and how accurate they were at the moment (because people change over time, yo). As a disclaimer, there are people out there who practically make a job out of analysing all the analysis’s – I am not one of these people and I’m purely in it for the fun!

Myers-Briggs (MBTI)

This is the personality test I take the most often and I tend to flip-flop between a couple of types (namely, INTJ, INFP, INFJ and ISFJ over the years). These days, I seem to be getting INFJ nearly every time I take it.

For anyone curious, these are my results as of today:

  • 84% Introverted over extraverted
  • 54% Intuitive over observant
  • 56% Feeling over thinking
  • 68% Judging over prospecting
  • 96% Turbulent over assertive

You can see a more in-depth analysis over on the 16Personalities website or on, if you’re really curious. Generally, the strengths and weaknesses of an INFJ are fairly accurate for me. I am someone who defines my personality by the way I interact with and treat my friends, so I automatically look at the ‘friendships’ section but in this case, I was disappointed. There is an emphasis on authenticity and sincerity which I relate with but nearly everything else is not even close. The ‘workplace habits’ section is accurate though – I’m all about that harmony and diplomacy!


The world simply cannot be divided into four kinds of people, so looking at the Hogwarts houses as these clear-cut personality types has always seemed silly to me. If we do look at it like that, then I am a Hufflepuff. Of course, my knowledge of the books has come into this quite a bit, but if you want to read a bit more into each of the houses – here is a website that keeps it simple! Loyalty is something hugely valued by almost all the Hogwarts houses, but it is particularly valued by a Hufflepuff. They are fierce friends, value traditions/history and are often linked with food and being hospitable.

Hold up! It’s not as simple as that, of course. Check out Sorting Hat Chats on Tumblr. These guys take the sorting to a whole new level and it really makes you appreciate the complex magic that would have been used for the Sorting Hat. Basically, they argue that there are primary and secondary houses – primary is WHY you do things and secondary is HOW you do them. Sometimes these will line up, and sometimes they won’t.

If we take this kind of approach, I am primary Hufflepuff and a secondary Ravenclaw. I do also have strong Slytherin vibes but there doesn’t seem to be a drop of Gryffindor in my blood. Check out their ‘basics’ post here to find out what you are.

giphy (1).gif

Love Languages

Now, I am not sure that this counts as a personality quiz. It certainly sheds a lot of light on how you interact with others, so I’m including it because I find it interesting and helpful a lot of the time.

My results as of today:

Quality Time: 12
Words of Affirmation: 8
Receiving Gifts: 4
Acts of Service:  3
Physical Touch: 3

I think this is the most accurate set of results I’ve received so far! I am a quality time gal – if you ignore me, interrupt me (needlessly) or have your phone out while we’re spending time together, I will probably go home and think you hate me. I’m very dramatic.

As for the others, I like words of affirmation but I often don’t know how to receive them (try to compliment me, I dare you – watch me do a complicated set of backflips to avoid acknowledging it) but I will go home and feel loved afterwards. I like receiving gifts but ONLY when thought has been put into it. I feel awkward about receiving gifts and I will not know what to say when you’ve clearly not thought the gift through. Don’t waste your money and just spend TIME with me instead. I don’t like acts of service, because I hate being an inconvenience – if you help me, I’ll obsess over it for days and worry about how I’ll need to pay you back in some way. Don’t even bother with physical touch – unless I initiate it, I will squirm and feel very uncomfortable.

Colour Code

Once again, the idea that you can just split people into four colours and be done with it seems absurd. I couldn’t find anything particularly official looking to get my results, so I picked this colour code quiz and got blue. Once again, there was an emphasis on sincerity, authenticity, loyalty and serving others.

giphy (2)

I also looked at this explanation of the colours (unsure that they use the same testing process, so different colours could mean completely different things!) but blue seemed to be the best fit out of them all for me. Being slow to act, but calculated in their actions; focusing on facts and figures rather than wishy-washy emotional things. I particularly liked the line ‘Don’t be too emotional as they cannot handle emotions.’

giphy (3).gif



Oh, the Enneagram. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimised by the Enneagram?

giphy (4)

The idea behind it is more that you are little bits of every type, with some more than others and usually, one or two topping the list. They all interconnect so it’s likely you’ll relate with some things from the other types. Many of the questions in this test ask you to describe yourself a certain way and it makes me deeply uncomfortable. Number 35 is a doozy.

This time around, I got Type 7 – and basically nothing aligned. Previously, I was assigned Type 2 and THAT was a real eye-opener. Have a look at the Wikipedia page to get a (VERY) basic overview of the different types.

Again there is a real focus on friendship, being valued and loved and serving others. The things Type 2’s struggle with were like a little window into my soul.


I want to assure you that I do not live my life according to these results. I don’t walk around saying ‘I’m an INFJ, so I’m very private’. Letting your personality type (especially one discovered through an online quiz) define the way you live is silly. Use these quizzes to gain a little insight about why you might act the way you do, but don’t let it decide how you act.

This has turned into an essay, and if we’re all honest with ourselves, I’m the only one who found this interesting! I’ve provided links to EVERYTHING – so check them all out, find out what you are and head over to my Facebook page or the comments below to chat with us about what you find accurate and let us know if any missed the mark badly!


  1. Dilly Blue August 17, 2017 / 11:58 pm

    Thanks for sharing these tests! I had fun reading your results and taking the quizzes myself.

    My MBTI type changes between INFP, INFJ, and ISFP. Today I got INFJ.

    I’d never heard of this Primary and Secondary system for figuring out your Hogwarts House personality, but I like it, and going by their basics page, I think I’m a Hufflepuff Primary and a Gryffindor Secondary.

    I’ve identified as a Hufflepuff since I was nine years old… so it’s been a bit of an adjustment for me over the past couple of years to realise that perhaps I was wrong and that I’ve been a Ravenclaw this whole time! For years, I thought Ravenclaw was the house I was the LEAST like, because whenever I met someone who said that they were a Ravenclaw, they said it was because they were the smartest person in their class, or could quickly think of a pun or sarcastic comeback, or were sticklers for correct grammar. I definitely couldn’t relate to any of that. But over the years, I’ve seen better and deeper explanations of the houses, and I relate strongly to this image of Ravenclaws as imaginative creators and open minded thinkers. Luna always was the character I related to most in the series. But, as you said, it’s silly to think that people fit absolutely into one of four personality types.

    I don’t remember ever taking the Enneagram test before. I got Type 5 (The Observer/Thinker/Investigator). I could definitely see myself in most of the profile, but after reading through all of them, I think the type that fits me most at present (and for large chunks of my past) was actually the one I scored second highest as: Type 4 (The Romantic/Artist/Individualist).

    • Louise
      August 18, 2017 / 10:17 am

      Loved reading about your results! I agree on all the Hogwarts points!

      It’s weird, because so many of us put ourselves in a House when we were so young. Not only did we not know ourselves very well, we also didn’t have a full understanding of the houses (partly because we were so young and partly because there have been more in-depth explanations as time has gone by).

      So many people will have sorted themselves as Gryffindors – purely because they love Harry, Ron and Hermione. BUT both Harry and Hermione were Hatstalls – so they don’t necessarily belong in Gryffindor either! I’ve read what The Sorting Hat Chats say about their primary and secondaries (but I think I disagree with them) but it’s a really interesting way of looking at it all! It totally changes your perspective on the houses, I think.

      So many of these quizzes actually ask you questions about what you were like as a child and I think that might be misleading – as you say, you got an Enneagram type that corresponds with a lot of your past but not your present! It’s all interesting to think about!

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