The nostalgia series

The nostalgia series

As I was strolling through the aisles of Big W towards the end of last year (how long ago it seems already), I spotted a little book boxset out of the corner of my eye. The first eight books of The Babysitters Club – all packaged up neatly for a whole new generation to dive into.

Of course, at that time, I was on my book-buying ban and this happened to be one of those times when I exercised some self-control. There was no point in buying them, I told myself, until I’d gone home and checked which books I still owned from by Babysitters Club days.

Not long after I got home, panic set in. I didn’t have ANY of those books anymore. Somewhere along the line, before I became a proper book hoarder, they had been passed on to someone else. I can’t really be sad about it, because at least someone out there is getting enjoyment out of them, but I was very unsettled by the fact that I didn’t have any to flip through. So, of course, self-control went out the window and I bought the boxset.

I wanted to read them straight away but I decided to wait until this year and make this year a bit of a year of rereads. I’m back on the book-buying ban and hoping to do a LOT better than last year. So I need to occupy myself with reading the books already on my shelves and, if I’m feeling a little exhausted from that, rereading some old favourites.

That’s where the idea for this blog series was born. I’ve decided to pick six stand-out books (or series) from my youth and read one of them every two months and then write about my journey with those books – now, and back then. Maybe none of you are interested in reading my thoughts but I figured that some of these books might have struck a chord with you when you were young and maybe you’d like to revisit them too. If so, we can do it together!

Below is my schedule for posting and the books that I will be reading. I will be posting other content related to the books in their respective months so I encourage you to like my page on Facebook so you can join in!

February: The Babysitters Club by Ann M. Martin (first 8 books)
April: The Prophecy of the Gems by Flavia Bujor (stand-alone)
June: The Diary of Georgia Nicholson  by Louise Rennison (10 books)
August: Looking for Alibrandi  by Melina Marchetta (stand-alone)
October: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery  (Up to Rainbow Valley)
December: Brookfield/Ashbury Series by Jaclyn Moriarty (4 books)

All of these are books that were particularly special to me growing up with the exception of Anne of Green Gables. I discovered Anne when I was about 18 – aka far too late – but I’ve only read up to the third book, due to lack of availability. I now own them all, so I want to read them and really get stuck into them and try to see them through my younger self’s eyes (as well as my older self). Anne kind of breaks the mould for this series but I thought she would be the perfect companion for going back into my youth.

Get involved in the conversation over on my Facebook page or on my Instagram where I will post live updates of my thoughts while reading!

I look forward to hearing all your thoughts on some of these childhood favourites!

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