My favourite online creators

My favourite online creators

Look, I like a good online shop – it’s not something I try to hide…usually. I particularly like to buy very cute or funny (but essentially useless) little pop-culture related knick-knacks. There’s a lot out there, it’s true, and it can be frustrating to sift through to separate the quality from the true junk. So, I’m doing it for you! If you like my blog, the chances are you’ll like the things these creatives put together – because I do!


I’ve followed Polly and her adventures ever since she did a collaboration with BooksandQuills (of YouTube fame). I have become thoroughly invested in the time since and love so much of the stuff she puts together.

Favourite item: Any of her greeting cards


Instagram: and pollyvdsz


Look, Emma’s work ethic is next level and if I had been at all like her when I was studying I feel like I might have been ruling the world by now? Get your studying inspiration from her, for sure, but also get some lovely, free stuff too! (Or paid if anything on her Etsy takes your fancy.)

Favourite item: Her monthly wallpapers and to-do lists
Instagram: emmastudies

Abbie Paulhus

I’d seen rip-offs of Abbie’s work before I actually found Abbie herself. I bet you’ve seen her around too! I love her style a lot (she’s not too dissimilar from Polly, actually) and often just scroll on her Etsy and wish for all the things I’d love to buy from her.

Favourite item: ‘The Office Alphabet’ Poster


Instagram: abbiepaulhaus


Beautifully made, literary-themed pins, stationery and even mugs – Laura has got the whole literary/historical/British theme down.  Her pins even come on a little mock library borrowing record and I am very here for it.

Favourite item: Pride and Prejudice book pin and British author mug


Instagram: itslauracrow

House of Worry Dolls

Oh MY. I’ve been wanting some of these for months!! The only problem is which ones to get – they’re all so beautiful. I caved last month and bought two sets … Elizabeth + Darcy and Anne + Gilbert. I couldn’t not! They’re so beautifully and carefully made and I love anything that has a bit of a literary twist. If you love them a LOT, you can even get customised versions.

Favourite item: Anne and Gilbert … hands down.


Instagram: houseofworrydolls

The Clever Clove

Do you like tiny little animals doing human activities? Literary-themed everything? The Clever Clove is the place to come. Every new pin Heidi releases, I feel a compulsion to own. Her illustrations are so cute, she comes up with the greatest ideas and everything she does is excellent!

Favourite item: The Book Nook pin series

Instagram: TheCleverClove

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