The Jane Austen Gift Guide 2018

The Jane Austen Gift Guide 2018


I’ve seen quite a few Jane Austen gift guides floating around the place and to be quite honest, they did not inspire me. I love literary-themed gifts but I hate tacky things that sit around and make the place look untidy (read: almost everything in my room falls under that category and I hate it). I also like discovering something new and every Austen-themed gift guide I’ve come across has not introduced me to anything new, at all.


So, to remedy that, here are a few of my favourite gifts for the Jane Austen fan in your life (even if that fan is you – treat yo self).


Northanger Soapworks

Beautiful soaps handcrafted by Laura, each one is inspired by a passage from the books. I personally love Frank’s Christmas Letter, Box Hill and Rational Creatures. It was hard to pick just three though. What I love about them the most is that there’s a real love for Austen’s stories and attention to detail that just blows you away. She also has gift sets, soap dishes, bath salts, candles and lipbalm! If soap or other smelly things aren’t your thing but watching satisfying videos is, check out her Instagram where she keeps highlights which feature the process of making each bar of soap – it’s mesmerising.

Price range: $5 – $67 (USD) 


House of Worry Dolls

I’ve featured Amaryah before, but I still absolutely love her creations. The care and attention put into each one of these worry dolls is incredible. She only has the one set of Austen dolls but they’re so cute! Perfect as ornaments on your Christmas tree or as little bookshelf-dwellers, I defy you to go past Darcy and Elizabeth. At the time of writing, she doesn’t have them in stock but she restocks regularly so check back!

Price range: $25-$102 (AUD)


Little People, Big Dreams – Jane Austen

A picture book that explores the life of Jane Austen and how she became one of the greatest novelists of all time. The Jane Austen edition is just one in a whole series of picture books making real-life role models accessible for kids and inspiring them through their stories. The books are perfect for a kid in your life as well as for any adults! Check out your local bookstore, they will almost definitely have them in at the moment, or ask them to order them in! If you can’t make it to your local, I’ve included the Book Depository link. 

Price range: $25 (AUD)


It’s Laura Crow

With plenty of bookish treats, Laura’s bound to have something you’ll love. Jane features on a mug as one of four british authors as well as several pins, and a greeting card. You’ll be overwhelmed with the awesome literary and other geeky stuff Laura has – so enjoy!  


Price range: $2 – $28 (AUD)


Buy-a-brick for Chawton House

Jane lived in Chawton Cottage but the Great House was influential in her time spent there as it provided her with books galore. In the big house, they have plenty of treasures that would interest any Austen-aficionado and they want to create a literary haven there, they just lack the funding to do so. Buying a brick means that you can be a part of conserving some of Jane’s history.

Price range: £25 (single brick) – £2,500 (full wall) (GBP)

From the desk of Jane Austen

I love little postcards to write little notes on to friends or to pin on my noticeboard. These cards are perfect with their Jane witticisms and beautiful designs. Even if you can’t find these – or if you think 100 might be a bit excessive – there are plenty of other versions out there. Any good bookstore will have them or something like them – but once again, if you can’t make it to your local, I’ve included the Book Depository link. 


Price range: $30 (AUD)


Polite Society: the board game

This board game was created through Kickstarter and I have to say – I really love it. Unlike Marrying Mr Darcy, you won’t find it in your local board game shop but waiting for it to come in the mail is worth it. It’s a simple game but you can tell it’s made by true fans and there are options to really raise the stakes as well – I can attest that the game is great for both Janeites and those who don’t quite get the obsession alike. The care gone into every detail is obvious and it’s very, very playable.



Price range: $5 (print-and-play) – $50 (physical copy) (AUD) 


Jane Austen at Home by Lucy Worsley 

Set aside, for the minute, the fact that this book is just gorgeous. Lucy Worsley speaks eloquently on all things Jane and her book – while I have only delved into parts of it – is no different. This is a great option for those people in your life who appreciate sitting down with a good book. Once again, if you can, please shop at your local bookshop – if you can’t, the Book Depository link is provided. 

Price range: $30 (AUD)


A set of Jane Austen’s books


My absolute favourite editions that have been released this year were the Macmillan Popular Classics from Pan MacMillan India. The colours on the spine mean they look great on the shelf while the covers have a repeating pattern of an image that is important to the story in some way. They are extremely photogenic and a perfect set to give someone who isn’t yet on the Austen train. Or yourself, to be honest. I’ve linked BlueStockingBookShelf’s feature of these gorgeous books because buying on Book Depository won’t guarantee you get the right covers. Check out your local and order them in or buy from a website in your country that you count on.

Price range: $15 (single book) – $90 (full set) (AUD) 


Pemberley Gardens Candle

This scent is not currently in stock at Frostbeard Studios but it will be soon (it’s a part of their Spring collection, so will be back in March). If you are treating yourself or think this would make a great gift for the Janeite in your life for an occasion other than Christmas, this candle could be the way to go. They’ve got plenty of other bookish themed waxy gifts too!


Price range: $6 – $18 (USD)


I’m always up for seeing more of the Jane-inspired gifts floating around out there – show me all the things you’ve discovered! Would love to put gift guides together for next year too, so send them to me all year ’round! 

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