The basics? I’m Louise, I’m in my twenties, a Christian and a writer. I love glitter, sunflowers and looking at the ocean. I’m not fond of velvet, applying eyeliner or getting into the ocean. I dream of living anywhere with a cooler climate than my hometown of Sydney, Australia and I own an obscene amount of copies of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

I work in content marketing, so I know what makes a good blog post and I write more posts a week than I ever could have dreamed in years gone by. Unfortunately, not a lot of that translates over to my personal blog. This page is an archive of posts that span right back to my teenage years – there are a whole lot of posts from those years when I was navigating faith, friends, work, food, grief and university. It’s a jumbled mixed-up mess and I could have painted over it all and just started fresh, but that’s not what writing is really about, even if it is just a humble blog. So I’ve kept it all, for better or for worse.

My real goal with this blog is to just keep doing it. Regular writing is good for you, even if you’re not a writer. I never want to break the habit and I love sharing my thoughts with the world, even if no one ever reads them. I could just get a diary but I never fell in love with journalling the way I have with blogging.

I want to write about my love of books, my faith, my experiences as a woman and my experiences with mental health. If I spark a new thought inside someone’s head, I’ll consider it all worth it.



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