I cannot believe that this year is already halfway done – despite knowing how time works, I am always aghast when I flip the calendar over to July. Knocks the wind out of me every… View Full Post

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with bookstagram – I think a lot of people do! On the one hand, Instagram is a fantastic place to show off our books so they don’t… View Full Post

Once upon a time I was strictly in the ‘You need to read the book before you see the movie’ camp. As a general rule, I do try to read the book first when I… View Full Post

I want to preface this ‘review’ by saying that I have seen a lot of poor reviews online for the film in the last couple of days. However, many of these reviews say that this… View Full Post

This week in my little ‘Nostalgia Series’ I’m reading The Prophecy of the Gems by Flavia Bujor. She was very young when she wrote it and it has been translated from French to English so, if you… View Full Post