I’ve been searching for a peanut butter slice that isn’t too rich, only uses ingredients that I have in my cupboard and still tastes good. Then I got the bright idea of just looking at… View Full Post

I know that today’s recipe is not one that is edible (although I know some 5 year olds who would disagree) but it is a recipe nonetheless and one that will come in handy if… View Full Post

Here we are again. Wednesdays seem to roll around super quickly and it stresses me out man. Here’s  another classic party recipe. If you don’t have Mars Bar Slice at your party then I am… View Full Post

This slice is so easy and so quick, it’s my go-to when I’ve forgotten to bring a plate to something. It takes like, an hour in total if you’re on your game! Everyone I’ve ever… View Full Post

This is one of my favourite fruit loaf recipes EVER. Whenever Mum makes them, I pretty much live off the slices for days, I love it so much. It helps that I’m a massive fan… View Full Post