My relationship with reading over the last few years has been rocky and I’ve not really wanted to admit it. I’ve been a big reader for my entire life – there weren’t many mornings you… View Full Post

I started out my speech on Saturday night not with a cheesy definition – especially because Sarah’s name means ‘Princess’ and I’ve spent the last 21 years denying that fact, despite her reminding me at… View Full Post

A few weeks ago, I booked a little holiday for myself. You know that feeling after you get back from an international trip or even (let’s be real) after the Christmas holidays? Everyone comes back… View Full Post

It’s been a hot minute since I last touched on my nostalgia series, so we’re kicking it back off again this month with Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta. I feel this book is either… View Full Post

I don’t think I had heard the term ‘introvert’ until I was well and truly an adult who had already worked out that social interactions were exhausting for me. I wish I had known that… View Full Post