I always write these posts rather reluctantly – sometimes I have good years and sometimes I have bad years. Most of the time, as it is for everyone, they’re a mixture of both but I… View Full Post

  I’ve seen quite a few Jane Austen gift guides floating around the place and to be quite honest, they did not inspire me. I love literary-themed gifts but I hate tacky things that sit… View Full Post

Many moons ago (read: in about 2013), myself and 5 of my friends sat around a local cafe table and swapped books under the table, making sure we didn’t end up with the book we’d… View Full Post

My relationship with reading over the last few years has been rocky and I’ve not really wanted to admit it. I’ve been a big reader for my entire life – there weren’t many mornings you… View Full Post

I started out my speech on Saturday night not with a cheesy definition – especially because Sarah’s name means ‘Princess’ and I’ve spent the last 21 years denying that fact, despite her reminding me at… View Full Post