Oh, what a mess we’re all in! For so many people life has been completely turned upside down in the last month. There are lots of words and phrases being overused out there: ‘unprecedented’, ‘unique… View Full Post

Ah, the IDGAF attitude. It’s everywhere! From best-selling books to Top 40 hits, it’s permeating every area of our lives. I notice it more and more in the conversations I have too. I’m a very… View Full Post

Lately I’ve had some nice cystic acne join my face – I am prone to it but thankfully I can usually manage it fairly well these days through skincare and medication. Sometimes, it makes a… View Full Post

The day, nay, the moment that I decided to go on a trip on my own, I was sat on a bus breathing very fast and crying. If someone had asked me what was wrong, I doubt I would have been able to answer them and if I had, I would have probably just screamed “I’M ON A BUS!!!!!!”… View Full Post

I want to take a moment, before you read any further, to give public transport the love that it deserves. I may have grown up in an era that took great pleasure in being as… View Full Post