The blog has been quiet of late, that’s for sure. There’s nothing I hate more than a blogger telling us all why they haven’t blogged, but it is a precursor to the rest of my… View Full Post

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving, even though Australians don’t get to celebrate it. Join me! … View Full Post

For most high school kids, formal or prom is the absolute highlight of a high school career. I missed my year 10 formal, instead opting to go to Homecoming Prom when I was on student… View Full Post

Hey, it’s me! Remember me? I kept a blog and I used to be pretty strict about my uploading times but apparently I’ve decided to go all laissez faire on you. I’ll try not to… View Full Post

I had a little bit of an epiphany recently – one that probably should have occurred a lot earlier in life. During my pre-teen and teenage years, I had a lot of trouble feeling like… View Full Post