There is one thing that you should know before I begin and it’s something that anyone who has been reading my blog for any longer than 5 seconds would already know: I’m a massive Jaclyn… View Full Post

As I was strolling through the aisles of Big W towards the end of last year (how long ago it seems already), I spotted a little book boxset out of the corner of my eye.… View Full Post

I talk about books a lot on this blog. I classify myself as a book blogger but I shy away from reviewing (in general) or reading until my eyeballs fall out just to keep up… View Full Post

It’s Book Week right across Australia and the theme this year is ‘Escape to Everywhere’. It got me thinking about all the places I like to visit. … View Full Post

★★★★★ It’s official. I am in love and I am obsessed with the Kingdom of Cello and the cracks between that world and our own – even though they’re totally fictional. Regular readers will know… View Full Post