A few weeks ago, I booked a little holiday for myself. You know that feeling after you get back from an international trip or even (let’s be real) after the Christmas holidays? Everyone comes back… View Full Post

If this is Ambition-less Anonymous then, hi, I’m Louise and I have little to no ambition. When I talk with my friends about careers and goals and plans for the future, I often bring up… View Full Post

Ah, the IDGAF attitude. It’s everywhere! From best-selling books to Top 40 hits, it’s permeating every area of our lives. I notice it more and more in the conversations I have too. I’m a very… View Full Post

Lately I’ve had some nice cystic acne join my face – I am prone to it but thankfully I can usually manage it fairly well these days through skincare and medication. Sometimes, it makes a… View Full Post

Last year, on my 23rd birthday, I went to Kmart to buy Moana on DVD. As I walked out of the aisle, clutching the DVD a lady approached me and asked me how much it… View Full Post